Rational Systems - Plastic & Machining Products

2 www.rational.co.il Since 1981 Rational Systems provides complete and quick solutions for high quality, RIM polyurethane and plastic parts, high precision machined parts, assemblies and full turn key projects. Rational System specializes in full turnkey projects that integrate mechanical parts, optical elements, plastic components and electronics and wiring. We use cutting edge machining equipment, including 5 axis machines, and work tables up to 6 meter long. We support our customers from a very early stage of their projects, through design and R&D, functional prototype, first production run, till serial production Company Departments: • Polyurethane parts production R.I.M Injection Molding – Thermoplastic Machining Mold design & production Design & Engineering Functional prototypes Wet painting & coating Assembly Project Management & Sourcing Quality control Rational Systems has two production sites, the main plant and headquarter Is located in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel, in a 65,000 square feet facility. Rational Systems is ISO 9001:2015,AS9100, and ISO13485 certified. About Rational Systems